CNET Commerce Servics Code of Conduct

CNET is a trusted source because we protect our users by allowing only the most credible stores on our service. CNET Commerce Services promises that all of our participating merchant partners give users optimal customer service. The CNET Code of Conduct works as our first level of protection to ensure a successful shopping experience. Our CNET Certified Store Program then rates merchants that meet the code's standards according to their merits.
CNET Code of Conduct
Resellers will provide up-to-date, accurate information for their company profile pages found on CNET. 
Resellers will provide clear, well-marked links to their customer service policies on each page of their Web sites. 
Resellers must maintain a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is reviewed quarterly by CNET. 
Unless there is a problem with an order that requires follow-up, phone calls from either the user or the reseller are not permitted. Resellers must be able to accept, process, and complete online orders completely online. 
Fulfillment of orders may not be tied to the ordering of additional accessories or items. 
Stock status of an item may not be determined by order size. 
Products sold must be new, factory-sealed packages that are U.S. models, unless specifically noted on CNET to be otherwise. The listing of OEM products under a non-OEM manufacturer item number is not permitted. All products must be full retail versions and shipped in the original boxes. 
Prices included in the reseller price feed must be for the exact product SKU that appears on CNET. 
Stores must display on all CNET Networks sites the total of any and all charges applicable to the sale of the products (for example, shipping, handling, and taxes) listed on CNET Networks sites. 
Prices included in the reseller price feed must be before-rebate pricing unless the merchant is of Premiere or Preferred status. Both Premiere and Preferred listing merchants are permitted to list after-rebate pricing, as long as they qualify the price with the text After Rebate or the rebate amount under the retail price listed on our sites. All prices included in the price feed must be the exact amount the user will see on his or her credit card statement.  
Resellers operating under multiple storefronts will be treated as one reseller. Any violations by one storefront will result in penalties to all storefronts. 
If CNET's Certified Store Program receives more than three complaints within one week for the same problem regarding a reseller partner, the Program will consider such complaints excessive and cause for further investigation. 

If you have questions or comments regarding a CNET Certified Store, please contact us.

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Authorized stores who are in good standing with CNET Networks and meet all of the CNET Certified Store Program requirements have permission to place the CNET and mySimon Certified Store logo(s) on their site. Stores that do not meet the requirements listed above and are using these logos will be listed on the Misuse Of Logos page. Click here to view those stores currently listed on the Misuse of Logo's page. If you believe that a store whose site you've visited is fraudulently using our Certified Store logo, please send a note to CNET support.