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CNET Certified Store Program
All stores listed on CNET are participants of the CNET Certified Store Program and must adhere to the CNET Commerce Services Code of Conduct and a strict set of service guidelines in the CNET Certified Store rating criteria, outlined below. A Certified Store's rating is determined by its level of compliance to these criteria. You can find the star rating next to a store's name when looking at pricing information in CNET Commerce sites. New CNET stores display the phrase "not yet rated" during their initial 30-day evaluation period.
CNET Certified Store rating criteria

Site functionality
Uses shopping cart technology and totals orders 
Uses secure server transaction 
Accepts multiple credit cards 
Offers a published return policy 
Offers a published FAQ/Help policy 
Offers a published policy on when credit cards are charged 
Links user to specific product "buy" page 

Store standards
Store responds to e-mail within two business days 
Store has a clearly published privacy policy 
Site clearly states how to contact store 
Store supplies CNET with up-to-date prices, shipping costs, and in-stock information 

Order fulfillment
Resolves order problems swiftly and efficiently 
Honors prices displayed on store Web site without any hassle or excuses 
Provides a fully e-commerce-enabled site (stores must be able to accept, process, and complete online orders entirely online. Requiring follow-up phone calls from either the user or the store is not permitted unless there is a problem with the order.) 
Processes orders promptly and sends an e-mail confirmation and order summary within one business day of the initial order. If the item is back-ordered, up-to-date stock information must be provided 
Delivers merchandise in professional packaging 
Offers a published policy on when credit cards are charged 
CNET's guarantee
If you buy from a CNET Certified Store through the CNET Shopper site and the CNET Certified Store charges your credit card for unauthorized purchases, CNET will reimburse you for any amount of such unauthorized charges for which your credit card company holds you liable up to a total of $50. You must follow your credit card company's rules and regulations in regard to reporting unauthorized charges.

If you encounter any problems with a CNET Certified Store, please contact us.

Check out: CNET Code of Conduct.
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