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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Team Stealth Action (N-Gage)

Specs: Teen, Gameloft, Action, 1-2 Players

WWE Aftershock (N-Gage) Reviewed on June 16, 2005 Check prices
Product overview
WWE Aftershock (N-Gage)

The Bottom Line: Even as a mindless button-masher, WWE Aftershock isn't particularly successful. Read review

Specs: Teen, Exient Entertainment, Action, 1 Player

Call of Duty (N-Gage) Reviewed on November 20, 2004 Check prices
Product overview
Call of Duty (N-Gage)

The Bottom Line: Call of Duty's play experience doesn't quite match up with the ambitious scope of its design. Read review

Specs: Teen, Nokia, Action, 1-4 Players

The King of Fighters Extreme (N-Gage)

Specs: Teen, Hudson, Action, 1 Player

Ashen (N-Gage) Reviewed on May 21, 2004 Check prices
Product overview
Ashen (N-Gage)

The Bottom Line: While much of the visual style and sound design in Ashen pay homage to id Software's brand of devil enthusiasm, the game itself is neither as inspired or technically accomplished. Read review

Specs: Teen, Torus Games, Action, 1-4 Players

Tomb Raider (N-Gage) Reviewed on October 11, 2003 Check prices
Product overview
Tomb Raider (N-Gage)

The Bottom Line: This new version of Tomb Raider is indeed an accurate reflection of the original look and feel of Tomb Raider, but the gameplay just doesn't hold up. Read review

Specs: Teen, Ideaworks3D, Action, Third-Person Adventure, Modern

Operation Shadow (N-Gage) Reviewed on October 20, 2004 Check prices
Product overview
Operation Shadow (N-Gage)

The Bottom Line: Operation Shadow is a deeply flawed action game that's impossible to recommend. Read review

Specs: Teen, Torus Games, Action, 1-4 Players

Spider-Man 2 (N-Gage) Reviewed on July 22, 2004 Check prices
Product overview
Spider-Man 2 (N-Gage)

The Bottom Line: While portions of the game show promise, Spider-Man 2's jerky gameplay and occasional crash bugs overshadow these promising points. Read review

Specs: Teen, Activision, Action, 1 Player

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