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Prince of Persia - complete package

Specs: Games - action, Action - adventure, Fantasy

Assassin's Creed (PlayStation 3) Reviewed on November 13, 2007 Check prices
Product overview
Assassin's Creed (PlayStation 3)
  • CNET Editor rating:
    4.5 stars Spectacular
      Overall score: 9.0 (4.5 stars)
  • Average user rating: 3.5 stars out of 10 reviews

The Bottom Line: Assassin's Creed is a beautiful and exciting experience that you'll remember for years to come. Read review

Specs: Mature, Ubisoft Montreal, Action, Action - adventure, Fantasy, 1 Player

Prince of Persia Limited Edition (PlayStation 3)

Specs: Games - adventure, Games - action, Action - adventure, Adventure - third person adventure, Fantasy

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Limited Edition (PlayStation 3)

Specs: Games - action, Action - first person tactical shooter

Rocksmith Bundle (PlayStation 3) Reviewed on October 22, 2011 Check prices
Product overview
Rocksmith Bundle (PlayStation 3)

The Bottom Line: Forget plastic axes; this guitar game is the real deal. Read review

Specs: Teen, Ubisoft, Music

Tom Clancy's HAWX (PlayStation 3) Reviewed on March 11, 2009 Check prices
Product overview
Tom Clancy's HAWX (PlayStation 3)
  • CNET Editor rating:
    3.5 stars Very good
      Overall score: 7.5 (3.5 stars)
  • Average user rating: 4.5 stars out of 3 reviews

The Bottom Line: This arcade-style aerial-combat game has plenty to offer those flying solo, but it doesn't offer much in the way of competitive multiplayer content. Read review

Specs: Teen, Ubisoft Romania, Action, Simulation - modern jet flight, Realistic

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (PlayStation 3) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (PlayStation 3)

Specs: Everyone, Ubisoft Shanghai, Adventure, Action - adventure

Armored Core: For Answer (PlayStation 3) Reviewed on October 2, 2008 Check prices
Product overview
Armored Core: For Answer (PlayStation 3)

The Bottom Line: The latest Armored Core makes up for the series' lack of progress by simply being fun to play. Read review

Specs: Teen, From Software, Simulation, Simulation - mech, 1 Player

Heroes Over Europe (PlayStation 3) Reviewed on September 30, 2009 Check prices
Product overview
Heroes Over Europe (PlayStation 3)

The Bottom Line: Heroes Over Europe offers some enjoyable arcade dogfighting, but it lacks the depth and excitement needed to keep you coming back for more. Read review

Specs: Teen, Transmission Games, Simulation

Wheelman (PlayStation 3) Reviewed on March 27, 2009 Check prices
Product overview
Wheelman (PlayStation 3)

The Bottom Line: Wheelman offers plenty of movie-style thrills, although it's hamstrung by terrible on-foot gameplay. Read review

Specs: Teen, Tigon, Driving, Action - adventure, Realistic

South Park: The Stick of Truth (PlayStation 3) Reviewed on March 4, 2014 Check prices
Product overview
South Park: The Stick of Truth (PlayStation 3)

The Bottom Line: South Park: The Stick of Truth absolutely nails it. It's the perfect combination of hilarious South Park content woven into an ultra-satisfying, turn-based RPG. Read review

Specs: RP, Obsidian Entertainment, Role-Playing, Role playing game (RPG) - action RPG

Just Dance 2014 (PlayStation 3)

Specs: Everyone 10 and older, Ubisoft, Dancing

Watch Dogs (PlayStation 3) Reviewed on May 10, 2013 Check prices
Product overview
Watch Dogs (PlayStation 3)

The Bottom Line: The next generation of gaming won't only be defined by flashy graphics. They'll need to offer something that current games can't. Read review

Specs: Mature, Ubisoft Montreal, Action

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