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Nickelodeon Party Blast (PC)

Specs: Games - action

R-Type DX (Game Boy Color) Reviewed on January 28, 2000 Check prices
Product overview
R-Type DX (Game Boy Color)

The Bottom Line: R-Type DX is one of the best shooters you can get for any machine, and the GBC version does the series proud. Read review

Specs: Everyone, Bits Studios, Action, 1 Player

Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich - complete package

Specs: Games - action, Action - adventure

Zoo Tycoon 2 and Endangered Species Bundle (PC)

Specs: Games - strategy / tactics / wargame, Strategy / tactics / wargame - entertainment park builder, Strategy / tactics / wargame - tycoon, Realistic

Kingdom Crusade (Game Boy) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Kingdom Crusade (Game Boy)

Specs: Everyone

Jumpstart Advanced 2nd Grade Home Edition (PC)

Specs: Everyone (6+), Games - miscellaneous / entertainment / educational

Peter Pan (Game Boy Advance) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Peter Pan (Game Boy Advance)

Specs: Everyone, Saffire, Action, General Action, 1 Player

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar (NES)

Specs: SSI, Role-Playing, General Role-Playing

Alleyway (Game Boy) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Alleyway (Game Boy)

Specs: Everyone

DefCon 5 (PlayStation)

Specs: K-A, Millenium Interactive, Action, 1 Player

Cannon Fodder (Game Boy Color)

Specs: Codemasters

Speed Kings (GameCube) Reviewed on May 27, 2003 Check prices
Product overview
Speed Kings (GameCube)

The Bottom Line: Even though Speed Kings doesn't stray very far from the Burnout 2 formula, it's a solid racer that does a great job of conveying an insanely fast sense of speed and requires you to think and react in an instant. Read review

Specs: Everyone, Climax Group, Driving, Street Motorcycle Racing, 1-4 Players

Alien Disco Safari (PC)

Specs: Teen, Encore Software, Inc., Adventure

Absolute Zero (PC)
Casper (Game Boy Color) Reviewed on June 13, 2000 Check prices
Product overview
Casper (Game Boy Color)

The Bottom Line: For children from age 5 to 12, many fun hours of friendly haunting await. For adolescents and adults, however, there are better choices in the genre. Read review

Specs: Everyone, Interplay, Role-Playing, General Role-Playing

Mahjong Escape: Ancient Japan (PC)

Specs: Everyone, SpinTop Games, Puzzle

Big Kahuna Words (PC)

Specs: Everyone, Reflexive Entertainment, Puzzle

Mozart's Musical Adventure (PC) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Mozart's Musical Adventure (PC)

Specs: Superstart! Music, Puzzle

Ford Racing 2 (Macintosh)

Specs: Everyone, Zonic, Driving

Wild Snake (SNES) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Wild Snake (SNES)
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