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Planescape: Torment (PC) Reviewed on December 21, 1999 Check prices
Product overview
Planescape: Torment (PC)

The Bottom Line: It's clearly the best traditional computer role-playing game of the year and is bound to be an all-time favorite for many of its inevitable fans. Read review

Specs: Teen, Black Isle Studios, Role-Playing, General Role-Playing, 1 Player

Icewind Dale (PC) Reviewed on July 8, 2000 Check prices
Product overview
Icewind Dale (PC)

The Bottom Line: It's well suited for fans of Black Isle Studios' previous games, classic hack-and-slash AD & D computer games, and anyone looking for an action-packed role-playing game with a lot of depth. Read review

Specs: Teen, Black Isle Studios, Role-Playing, General Role-Playing, Fantasy

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (GameCube) Reviewed on October 29, 2002 Check prices
Product overview
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (GameCube)

The Bottom Line: Fans of action RPGs should make every effort to play Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance--but ideally not the technically deficient GameCube version. Read review

Specs: Teen, High Voltage Software, Role-Playing, Action RPG, 1-2 Players

Caesar's Palace 2000 (Dreamcast) Reviewed on September 27, 2000 Check prices
Product overview
Caesar's Palace 2000 (Dreamcast)

The Bottom Line: While the selection of gambling titles on the Dreamcast is slim in comparison to the PlayStation or the PC, the best bet for all involved would be to take your chips elsewhere. Read review

Specs: Everyone, Runecraft, Action, Gambling, 1-4 Players

Fallout Trilogy (PC)

Specs: Mature, Various, Role-Playing

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (PC) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (PC)

Specs: Everyone

MDK2 (Dreamcast) Reviewed on April 3, 2000 Check prices
Product overview
MDK2 (Dreamcast)

The Bottom Line: Despite its few flaws, MDK 2 is a great first effort by BioWare, and it's a better game than the original. Read review

Specs: Teen, BioWare, Action, General Action, 1 Player

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