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Strike Fighters: Project 1 (PC) Reviewed on November 2, 2002 Check prices
Product overview
Strike Fighters: Project 1 (PC)

The Bottom Line: Strike Fighters might be the only game that has ever been released twice in an unfinished state. Read review

Specs: Teen, Third Wire, Simulation, Old Jet Flight Sim, 1-16 Players

Fly! (PC) Reviewed on August 20, 1999 Check prices
Product overview
Fly! (PC)

The Bottom Line: Fly has it where it counts: in the cockpit and, for the most part, in the flight model. Read review

Specs: Everyone, Terminal Reality, Simulation, Civilain Plane Flight Sim, Realistic, 1 Player

Virtua Striker 2 (Dreamcast) Reviewed on December 15, 1999 Check prices
Product overview
Virtua Striker 2 (Dreamcast)

The Bottom Line: Virtua Striker 2 is a classic example of good ideas gone horribly wrong. Read review

Specs: Everyone, Sega, Sports, Soccer Sim, 1-2 Players

Falcon 4.0: Allied Force (PC) Reviewed on August 2, 2005 Check prices
Product overview
Falcon 4.0: Allied Force (PC)
  • CNET Editor rating:
    4.0 stars Excellent
      Overall score: 8.9 (4.0 stars)
  • Average user rating: 3.5 stars out of 4 reviews

The Bottom Line: It took seven years, a number of false starts, and one of the most devoted fan communities in existence, but the release of Falcon 4.0: Allied Force shows that its potential has finally been realized. Read review

Specs: Teen, Lead Pursuit, Simulation, 1 Player

F16: Aggressor (PC) Reviewed on July 20, 1999 Check prices
Product overview
F16: Aggressor (PC)

The Bottom Line: The real shame of it is there is a fine, fine flight simulator at the core of Aggressor. Read review

Specs: Everyone, GSI Limited, Simulation, Modern Jet Flight Sim, Modern, 1-32 Players

Pro Pilot 99 (PC) Reviewed on November 16, 1998 Check prices
Product overview
Pro Pilot 99 (PC)

The Bottom Line: The good news is that Pro Pilot '99 is a dramatic improvement over that first release, building on the features of that initial release and filling many of the holes. Read review

Specs: Everyone, Dynamix, Simulation, Civilain Plane Flight Sim, 1 Player

Tekken 2 (PlayStation) Reviewed on December 1, 1996 Check prices
Product overview
Tekken 2 (PlayStation)
  • CNET Editor rating:
    4.5 stars Spectacular
      Overall score: 9.2 (4.5 stars)
  • Average user rating: 5.0 stars out of 1 review

The Bottom Line: The undeniable king of fighting games is here, and it's time to break bones and necks. Read review

Specs: Teen, Namco, Action, General Action, 1-2 Players

Lock On: Modern Air Combat (PC) Reviewed on December 13, 2003 Check prices
Product overview
Lock On: Modern Air Combat (PC)

The Bottom Line: Lock On clearly has the potential to be an all-time classic sim, but there are some serious problems in the retail version. Read review

Specs: Everyone, Eagle Dynamics, Simulation, Modern Jet Flight Sim, Modern, 1-32 Players

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