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Warriors of Might & Magic (Game Boy Color)

Specs: Teen, Rare Ltd.

Rageball (PlayStation) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Rageball (PlayStation)

Specs: Teen, Naps Team, Sports, 1-4 Players

Sub Rebellion (PlayStation 2) Reviewed on October 22, 2002 Check prices
Product overview
Sub Rebellion (PlayStation 2)

The Bottom Line: While being underwater slows things down, it adds a few interesting and enjoyable twists to the gameplay. Read review

Specs: Teen, Racjin, Action, Futuristic Sub Sim, Sci-Fi, 1 Player

Deus (PC) Reviewed on January 21, 1997 Check prices
Product overview
Deus (PC)

The Bottom Line: If I have to play Deus in order to save the universe, I'll give up now without a fight. Read review

Specs: Teen, Silmarils, Action, General Action, 1 Player

Alien Disco Safari (PC)

Specs: Teen, Encore Software, Inc., Adventure

Fireblade (PlayStation 2) Reviewed on June 15, 2002 Check prices
Product overview
Fireblade (PlayStation 2)

The Bottom Line: Fire Blade is a surprisingly good game that will more than satisfy helicopter combat fans. Read review

Specs: Teen, Kuju Entertainment, Simulation, Helicopter Flight Sim, 1 Player

Kien (Game Boy Advance) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Kien (Game Boy Advance)

Specs: Teen, Naps Team, Action, Console-style RPG, 1 Player

Runabout 2 (PlayStation) Reviewed on June 6, 2000 Check prices
Product overview
Runabout 2 (PlayStation)

The Bottom Line: The Runabout series not only hasn't kept up with the times (Crazy Taxi is this type of game almost fully realized), it's lost a lot of what made it so appealing in the first place. Read review

Specs: Teen, Graphic Research, Driving, Mission-based Driving, 1 Player

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury (Xbox) Reviewed on June 15, 2004 Check prices
Product overview
Shadow Ops: Red Mercury (Xbox)

The Bottom Line: The campaign missions can be pretty intense at times, but the underlying action itself, especially in multiplayer mode, lacks the sort of visceral punch that shooters ought to have. Read review

Specs: Teen, Zombie Studios, Action, Action - first person shooter, 1-8 Players

Weekend Play Pack (PC) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Weekend Play Pack (PC)

Specs: Teen, Vivendi Games, Compilation

Tread Marks (PC) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Tread Marks (PC)

Specs: Teen, Action, General Action

Police: Tactical Training (PC)

Specs: Teen, Sylum Entertainment

Club Vegas 20,000 Slots (PC)

Specs: Teen, Viva Media, LLC, Gambling

Cold War Conflicts (PC) Reviewed on January 1, 1972 Check prices
Product overview
Cold War Conflicts (PC)

Specs: Teen, Walkon Games, Strategy

Robotech: Invasion (PlayStation 2) Reviewed on October 16, 2004 Check prices
Product overview
Robotech: Invasion (PlayStation 2)

The Bottom Line: Robotech: Invasion's single-player campaign still suffers from the same bland gameplay and mission design that plagued its predecessor. Read review

Specs: Teen, Vicious Cycle, Action, First-Person Shooter, Sci-Fi, 1 Player

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator (PC) Reviewed on November 23, 1999 Check prices
Product overview
Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator (PC)

The Bottom Line: It's got some interesting characters, a user-friendly interface, and an intriguing magic system, but it gets bogged down by both minor and major problems. Read review

Specs: Teen, Valkyrie Studios, Role-Playing, General Role-Playing, 1 Player

Alter Echo (PlayStation 2) Reviewed on August 18, 2003 Check prices
Product overview
Alter Echo (PlayStation 2)

The Bottom Line: The game's exciting, free-form combat makes up for most of its deficiencies. Read review

Specs: Teen, Outrage Games, Action, Third-Person Shooter, Fantasy, 1 Player

Rocko's Quest (PC)

Specs: Teen, Revistonic, Action, 1 Player

Las Vegas Tycoon (PC) Reviewed on August 12, 2004 Check prices
Product overview
Las Vegas Tycoon (PC)

Specs: Teen, Strategy, 1 Player

Dragon's Lair Trilogy (Wii)

Specs: Teen, Digital Leisure Inc., Compilation

Alien Blast: The Encounter (PC) Reviewed on February 18, 2004 Check prices
Product overview
Alien Blast: The Encounter (PC)

The Bottom Line: Across every category, Alien Blast defines itself as the very epitome of boredom. Read review

Specs: Teen, Made by Kiddies, Action, First-Person Shooter, Sci-Fi, 1-4 Players

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Game Boy Advance) Reviewed on December 19, 2003 Check prices
Product overview
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Game Boy Advance)

The Bottom Line: There are many other shooters available for the Game Boy Advance that are better and less thrown-together than Terminator 3, and as such, the game simply cannot be recommended. Read review

Specs: Teen, Taniko, Action, Third-Person Shooter, Sci-Fi, 1-4 Players

Icewind Dale Heart of Winter (PC) Reviewed on February 22, 2001 Check prices
Product overview
Icewind Dale Heart of Winter (PC)

The Bottom Line: Its numerous ancillary improvements actually amount to very little value, considering you can finish the expansion quest in just a couple of casual play sessions. Read review

Specs: Teen, Black Isle Studios, Role-Playing, General Role-Playing, Fantasy, 1-6 Players

Excalibur 2555 A.D. (PlayStation)

Specs: Teen, Tempest Software, Adventure, 1 Player

Freaky Flyers (Xbox) Reviewed on August 6, 2003 Check prices
Product overview
Freaky Flyers (Xbox)

The Bottom Line: The game does have its moments, but the racing simply isn't very exciting. Read review

Specs: Teen, Midway, Action, Kart Racing, Fantasy, 1-2 Players

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