Field name Description
Required Fields There are eight required fields for every product in the price feed. Omitting any of these fields can result in a product or an entire file not appearing on the site (suggested header names in parentheses). The names of these fields should make up the first line (header line) of your price feed.
Credit Card Price (price)
Enter the current credit card price for which the product is listed. The dollar sign ($) is not necessary. Prices should only contain two digits after the decimal.
Example(s): 609.00
Note: All prices must be retail prices for new products. If you wish to list a refurbished or OEM price, you must designate the product line with an 'R' or 'OEM' in the "merchandise type" field (see optional fields below).

In the case of products with manufacturer's rebates, you may list the post-rebate price ONLY if you state the rebate amount in the 'special offers' text for those products (Premier and Preferred Partners only). Additionally, rebates must be for the listed product only and CANNOT be part of a bundle offer (ie. in order to receive the rebate pricing, you need to buy an additional product).
Manufacturer Name (mfr_name) Please check to ensure proper spelling.
Example(s): Sony Electronics Inc.
Manufacturer SKU (mfr_sku) This must be the unmodified form: i.e., no additions, alterations or modifications of any type are made to the original SKU character set assigned by the manufacturer. Along with the manufacturer name, the SKU is used to provide unique identification for each product. The product listed on your site must have the same SKU as what's listed on CNET. You CANNOT list a newer/OEM/Third Party product in this instance.
Example(s): DCS-S70
NOTE: Manufacturer SKU is not required for non-tech products on mySimon

Third Party/OEM/Compatible Products - If you are listing Third Party/OEM/Compatible Products, you MUST use the Third Party/OEM/Compatible Manufacturer Name and SKU. You CANNOT use the primary Name and SKU. Any merchants in violation of this standard will be subject to removal from all sites.

To list third party or generic batteries/toners:

If you would like to list third party battery and or toner products please follow these guidelines.

1) For products which do not have unique manufacturer SKUs you may utilize the SKU which corresponds with the normal retail counterpart while placing "generic" in the manufacturer field. So, for example, if you wanted to list a third party replacement battery for the IBM laptop battery - Li-Ion - 6600 mAh you would place "generic" in the manufacturer column and use the SKU 08K8197.

2) For products which posses a unique third party manufacturer SKU you can use the manufacturer name and SKU as per normal.

3) As we will utilize your feed to add your products into our system you must adhere to this scheme in your product name field exactly - Compatible battery (or toner cartridge) for 'name of manufacturer' 'model name (or names)'. If you were providing us with a battery replacement for the IBM Thinkpad T42 your product name would read as, "Compatible battery for IBM ThinkPad T42".
Product URL (url, cnet_url, zdnet_url) A link to the product page is required so that users can easily "click through" to the product listed on the Merchant Web site. These should be fully qualified URLs pointing to the product page itself, not to the site "front door" or any other page.
Example(s): http://www.site.com/cgi-bin/product_id=37276
NOTE: Please use whichever URL field is appropriate for the site you are listing on. If listing on CNET and ZDNet, use "cnet_url" and "zdnet_url". If listing on all sites, use "url". If listing on all sites, you also have the option of tracking per site, just use "cnet_url" or "zdnet_url".
Product Name (product_name) Use the descriptive product name. This will provide an additional point of identification for each product.
Example(s): Sony Cybershot DSC-S70
Availability (in_stock) Only the following types of data are acceptable (Omitting this field will result in "See Site" being displayed on the listing page):
Example(s): 120, Yes or No, Pre-Order or Back-Order
Shipping and Handling Cost (shipping) Include the minimum total cost for shipping and handling. Only the following types of data are acceptable (Omitting this field will result in "See Site" being displayed on the listing page.):
  • flat fee amount for lowest shipping and handling cost. Example: 9.95
  • Free or 0 for free shipping.
  • UPS ground rates based on primary shipping zip code, destination and shipping weight. Place "UPS" in the shipping field for this option.
*UPS ground rates are based on the current UPS ground rate table. Product shipping weight should be included in price-feed. If you are not able to include shipping weight, an 'average' shipping weight will be used (based on product category).

NOTE: The UPS option is available only for tech products.
Category (category) This should be taken from the taxonomy spreadsheet we provide to you. We would prefer you use the Category ID to map your products, but if you are unable to do so, please use the Category Name. If you have a product that does not fall under any of our categories, please leave this field blank for that product.
Example: 2104 (preferable) or Computers > Components > Memory

NOTE: Ideally, you would use the ID number for the category we provide to you in the taxonomy spreadsheet (ie. 2104). If you are unable to do so, you can use the string on the spreadsheet (ie. Computers > Components > Memory).
Optional Fields Provide additional information, either matching criteria or category information that can be associated with a given product.
ImageURL (image_url) Product image url
Merchandise type (merchandise type) If you wish list a refurbished or OEM price for a particular product, you must have this field in your price feed. To list a refurbished price, you must place 'R' in this field. For an OEM price, you must list 'OEM' in this field.
Example(s): R, OEM
NOTE: You may only list 1 price per individual SKU. If you list 3 prices (new, refurbished, and OEM) for the same product, 1 price will be selected at random and placed on our site(s).

It is the merchant's responsibility to make sure refurbished/OEM prices have the necessary 'R' or 'OEM' in the corresponding merchandise type field. Failure to do so could result in site suspension.

NOTE: At this time we are not allowing merchants to list OEM Software. The OEM merchandise type can be used for any other category/products other than Software. If we see that you are listing OEM software in your feed, we will ask you to remove them.
Promo Text (promo text) This field is for Premier and Preferred partners only. The promo text field is limited to 55 characters and can be used to display SKU specific product offers. The Promo text must be contextual to the category or product being promoted and may not be used for general 'marketing'. The text will appear directly below the price on the product merchant list page.
Example: Free carrying case
Reseller Category (reseller_category) This is the category schema that is on your site.
Reseller SKU (reseller_sku) This is the unique ID you use to identify your products.
Distributor SKU (dist_sku) This is the unique ID distributors use to identify their products. We can match against Ingram Micro and Tech Data part numbers.
Example: 595610
UPC (upc) 12 digit Universal Product Code
Example: 711719737827

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